Christian Life Church

Minister Faith Gambrell

Director of Intercessory Prayer
Minister Faith  Gambrell

About Minister Faith :

Director of Intercessory Prayer – Minister Faith Gambrell

Minister Faith Gambrell is the Director of Intercessory Prayer Ministry at Christian Life Church. She also actively serves on the Women’s Ministry Team Planning Committee, serves as an engaging weekly Family Bible Studies teacher to the teens along with college youth; and because of her special compassion for seniors, participates and enthusiastically serves in the Nursing Home Ministry.

Her involvement in the ministry of Intercessory prayer includes recruiting church members who want to pray and develop a rotation scheduled for prayer warriors during the services and special events.

Her unique call and true desire is to propel God’s people into a life of intercessory prayer, righteousness and true holiness! She is committed and passionate about ministering to the souls of men, women and youth of all ages. Preaching and teaching a captivating word to inspire the body of Christ is her love!

She is a yielded, chosen vessel of the Lord who avails herself to fervent prayer and the life-changing word of God. She has spoken at youth meetings in Delaware, Maryland and Ohio. Her prior church service includes that of a Sunday school teacher, church record keeper and still loves outdoor/street ministry services.

In 1999, she married the love of her life, Minister Michael Gambrell, and from this union gained one son, Mike, Jr. and 3 beautiful daughters, Christina, Mikayla and Jada.

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