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For a number of years during my life, I have set aside 21 days at the beginning of each New Year to dedicate the first and best to God through prayer and fasting. I believe I have reaped far greater blessings than I ever imagined possible through this sacrificial offering to the Lord! Therefore, we want to begin 2018 by crying out to God together. Join us for 21 Days of Prayer — January 1st through the 21st. We want to commit together to call out to God for 21 consecutive days for our families, our church, and our nation. During this time, you may fast to whatever degree God leads and is appropriate for you. There might be legitimate reasons that would preclude participation such as medical or vocational concerns. Those of you who cannot fast from food may choose to fast from social media, television, or something similar.


Even if you cannot fast, I invite you to pray with us. We want everyone to participate in some way. Jesus said there are some breakthroughs that will never happen and some prayers that will never be answered without fasting, yet when the whole church fasts, great things happen. Some mountains will not fall and be cast into the sea in your life unless they are bombarded using the weapons of prayer and fasting.
These weapons of prayer and fasting have been known to do wonders when other methods have failed. Additionally, some breakthroughs are impossible unless there is regular, consistent, concerted, and constant prayer.