Altar Workers

Director: Rev. Betty L. Young

As Altar Workers, our purpose is to assure all those who respond to an altar call at Christian Life Church receive from the Lord what they came for, according to God's Word, to share about salvation and restoration, to win souls, and to disciple the souls won for Christ. It is of utmost importance that the respondents be pointed to Jesus and God's Word as the source for supplying their needs.

Remember, it is God who saves us; we do not save ourselves. We are only the instruments through which God works. The most important thing is for the soul to find God.

Communion Elders

Directors: Ellison Dickey and Vernon Barden


Communion is an ordinance that identifies Jesus as the True Lamb of God, (John 1:29) and anticipates that His broken body and shed blood would be offered for the redemption of His people. This special ordinance was instituted by Christ and is commemorated by remembering the One who made his forgiveness possible by bearing our sins “in His own body on the cross” (Psalm 32:1). Therefore, those who are saved gather with other believers at the Lord’s Supper to partake of the bread and the cup, which is a sweet memorial of His infinite love. In this simple way, which the Lord has ordained, each Christian can fulfill the request of his Lord and Savior, “do this in remembrance of Me”.

Communion is served the first Sunday of each month by the Communion Elders, who are appointed by the Pastor. Before handling the Holy Sacrament, the Elders meet in the Prayer Tower to pray before the morning service begins.

Usher Board

Director: Daniel K. Lee

The Usher Board at Christian Life Church are men and women who are committed to a ministry that allows people to open their hearts and minds to the worship of God and the direction of the Holy Spirit. As personal representatives of Jesus Christ, we will serve the Pastor, the Ministerial staff, and the congregation effectively with kindness through the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit. We will strive to minister together, always in love, peace, and compassion before God and humanity.